Statement of copyright

The creators of copyright material included in the website have moral rights in relation to their work.  These rights are separate from copyright in the work.  In general terms, a person using all or part of a copyright work should attribute the creator (s), unless the creators (s) have given written consent not to be attributed.  Where a website owner has attributed the creator of a work but later changes the work, the attribution should state the the work has been changed, unless the creator’s written consent has been obtained.  The creator of a copyright work (whether or the not the creator is the copyright owner) also has the right not to have the work treated in a way that would prejudice his or her honour or reputation.  Again, it may be possible to get the creator’s written consent concerning any changes made to their work, and for its use in a particular context.  For further information see information on Moral Rights in Creating and Publishing on the Website at

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