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These magazines were published by BCYC and distributed throughout the Pacific Islands.
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Gateway 2012

GATEWAY 2012.pdf

Please note: The MSQ "Beacon to Beacon" charts and Tide Tables are not shown in this pdf document.
Purchase the book "Beacon to Beacon" from any well stocked Chandlery.

Gateway 2011
Gateway 2011 Magazine

Welcome to the website of the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club.

For updated information in regard to the Port2Port Yacht Rally and/or information on entering Australia through Bundaberg, please follow this link.

Please note:

The 2013 Port2Port Rally, conducted by the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club, will not be held this year after 13 very successful rallies during which time close to 1,000 yachts chose to make Bundaberg their first Australian Port of Entry.  Members of our club and the rally committee enjoyed playing host to the many visitors as we welcomed them with our unique form of hospitality. The rally has grown to such an extent that it now takes 10 months of volunteer effort  to organise and run each year. This year the members and executive need a break and hopefully to find time for our own cruising.
We encourage the International and returning Australian yachts to still clear into Australia through Bundaberg.  We will hold some welcoming social events for those who do join us here.
You are invited to download our 2012 magazine which contains lots of useful and relevant information on arriving in Bundaberg and the regulations and requirements of Australian Customs, Quarantine and Immigration.  Some of this information has been di-sected into specific subjects to help you find your area of interest . Port2Port Information
A decision on the rally for 2014 will be made late in 2013.   It has been a great pleasure to meet all the yachties from past rallies.  You have enriched our lives.  If you have any concerns about your proposed visit to Australia,I am happy to help.
Best wishes to you all.
Lesley Grimminck
Rally Co-ordinator
Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club

This website is dedicated to the memory of Sam Schofield, who was a member of the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club and who died in November, 2012 from ovarian cancer. Sammie was a loyal friend to the members of the club and we acknowledge the support and assistance she gave to us all.
Vale, Sammie.

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